Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday MLAS!

Tomorrow, My Life and Scrap turns ONE!  While I wasn't there at it's birth, I've been hanging around for the last few months and it truly has become my home away from home.  I am so proud of Carolyn and Linda, and all the hard work they've put into making MLAS as warm and welcoming as can be.

In honor of the birthday celebration, there will be brand new challenges, contests, give-aways, RAKs, blog trains, treasure get the idea.  "Challenges?" you ask.  Oh boy, ladies and gents, are you ready?  We have our usual, fantastic, wonderful challenges; but for the next month, you can take advantage of TEN BRAND-NEW CHALLENGES!  TEN! 

Here's a quick taste of what you'll see over there:





Don't miss out on this FANTASTIC prize!

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