Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last but not least...

I have officially finished the VERY LAST CHALLENGE I can do for the month of October. I'm a little sad, but I'm sure J will be very pleased to hear it! Luckily, they start up again next week with all new challenges.

Let's cut straight to the meat of it, this is the info for the FONT challenge at MLAS:

Here's my entry. Every year my parents surprise me with some present I'm not expecting for my birthday. This year was no exception. J and I took the baby for a walk and as we're heading back, we saw the UPS truck parked at our house. Since neither of us was expecting anything, we weren't sure what it could be. Imagine my delight to see a flower box propped up against the front door. They were absolutely gorgeous! I know, they die and are so temporary, but I just can't help it. I LOVE flowers.

Speaking of My Life and Scrap, there are some great things happening over there this week. Bubblescrap Designs is offering some great products at unbeatable prices until October 31st! Here is the info:

In addition, RebeccaPSP Designs has a fantastic kit at 50% Off!

With those savings, why are you still here? Get over there and take advantage!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Sunday....really?

Where did my weekend go? Do any of you just look around and wonder where the last 2 days went? I vaguely recall Friday, with it's multitude of tasks to be accomplished, but Saturday and Sunday are a blur. One of these days, I'm going to unplug all of the phones, lock the doors and pretend no one is home so I can just sit and relax from dawn to dusk. Who am I kidding, with my husband and baby, that will never happen. :) Oh well, one can dream, right?

I did, however, manage to spend a few minutes on MLAS while A. was napping this afternoon. It was glorious. I really treasure those quiet moments where I can immerse myself in photos and papers, playing in a challenge, or just challenging myself. I'm so lucky that J. likes to watch football on the weekends, so he doesn't mind if I'm glued to the computer. When football season is over, though, we may have to renegotiate.

Here are the details on the current challenge:

Sounds pretty fun, don't you think? Here is my contribution:

So much fun. Why don't you try your hand at a Mystery Lift? You won't be sorry!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's a sickness

Even when my body is exhausted, my eyes are bleary and my brain is fried....I just can't resist a scrapping challenge! Last night, I sat down to do the Scraplift Challenge at My Life and Scrap and before I knew it HOURS had passed. I was having so much fun playing with ribbons and sparkle, I completely lost track of time. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I have a pretty good looking subject to work with....

Here are the details on the challenge:

Here is my own page:

Swing by My Life and Scrap in enter your own layout! You can earn some free goods in their amazing shop...

I just realized I'm almost finished with the challenges for this month! I might have to go back and "pretend" I'm competing in the ones that have already expired. Like I said, it's a sickness. Want to hear a secret? I don't mind. :)

On another note, I've had some inquiries about the puppies lately and want to report that all 6 of them are doing great! They've nearly doubled in size and their eyes are almost open. I'll see if I can get my "lovely assistant" to take some new photos this weekend.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Introducing the Star....

I did it again. I just can't keep myself away from the Challenges at My Life and Scrap. Tonight, despite the never-ending lists of things to be done, I took part in the Gourmet Scrapping Challenge.

Here are the details:

Here is my contribution:

The list of "ingredients" was rather daunting, but I think it came together quite well. Tell me what you think. Better yet, why don't you drop by My Life and Scrap and submit your own!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scrap Mix Challenge

So we meet again. I just finished up an incredibly fun challenge over at My Life and Scrap, my second home. It's open to anyone, so why don't you stop by and play along? I promise, you'll have a good time!

Here's the info:

Would you like to see my entry? Here you go:

Not too shabby, I think. It isn't the greatest of photographs, taken with my cellphone of my daughter and her "best friend" holding hands at a local restaurant, but it was a pretty special moment.

Speaking of moments, take a few and head over to MLAS and check it out. You won't regret it!

Look what the stork brought us...

No, not that stork! This is a whole different stork.

Our two English Bulldogs, Emma and Elliot are the proud parents of SIX puppies! And I'm tired. Bulldogs are notoriously tough to own and breed because of their various medical issues and this proved to be the case this week. At about 10pm, Emma was clearly in labor. After about 15 minutes, I had the vet on the phone and she was concerned. J loaded Emma in the car for me and I took her in for an emergency c-section, while he stayed behind with the baby. Yes, that wasn't a typo, my dog had to have a c-section. Welcome to my life.

On a brighter note, didn't she have adorable pups? 4 boys and 2 girls. Speaking of which...anyone want a puppy?? They'd make great stocking stuffers, as they'll be ready just in time for Christmas...

Welcome to the Jungle...

I know, I said I would never start a blog. I said I'd never need a blog. Yet, here I am. Tag along on this wild and crazy ride I call my life.