Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Reading....

Any other readers out there?  I have been known to devour an entire book in one day, or less.  Sadly, that was before I became a mother and other aspects of life got in the way.

As a result, I'm taking the leap and selling off my book-collection.  You're probably envisioning rows of dusty books, similar to a used bookstore, and you couldn't be more wrong.  I've always taken very good care of my books, and in fact some are brand new!  There are a few that I bought used, and they show some wear, but all pages and fully intact and in great condition.

If you're in the market for some fun summer reading, I hope you'll go by and take a look.  I've got some listed as low as $1!!  If you purchase more than one, please let me know and I'll combine the shipping costs and refund you the difference.  Also, I don't have international shipping listed, but if you're overseas and are interested, leave me a message and we'll work something out.

 I've been adding to the list daily and it's already up to 90+ titles, so if you don't see something you want, please check back soon!

Thanks for looking!
The Mulberry TreeMercyNora Roberts Quinn Brothers Trilogy: Sea Swept, Rising Tides, Inner Harbor (Chesapeake Bay)The HostageThe Stand: Expanded Edition: For the First Time Complete and Uncut (Signet)WatchersOrigin In DeathBullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)

These are just a taste of what you'll find in my very eclectic collection!

**A few of the above titles are still being listed, so please be patient if you don't see what you're after**

Friday, May 28, 2010

Night Owl Speed Scrap...

...Perfect for those of you that like to stay up late, and you international scrappers!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Thursday...

...and you know what that means - Thrifty Thursday!  There is incredible savings to be had, head over and see for yourself.

Here is just an example of the greatness being offered right now at an incredible price!

Since I'm ready for the weekend - here is a great freebie just for you!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Releases and a Freebie!

There are some fantastic new releases at My Life and Scrap right now, go take a peek!

Baby Next Door by Z Pink Boudoir Designs

Zebras in my Garden by RebeccaB

TWO New Word-Art Packs from @Jacquies

Here's a great freebie - just for you!  It coordinates with the brand new store collab "Mama's Kitchen" by the fantastic designers at My Life and Scrap!
*All images are linked*

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lost and Found...

This gorgeous kit, Elegant Auzure, will be available all weekend for only $1!!!

And it has matching GLITTER!!

Keep your eyes on the store - Misty has some surprises coming!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

My daughter's first driving lesson.

** Shhhh - don't tell her but they're actually parked in the driveway **

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I'm following along with one of my favorite bloggers, Erin Cobb with a Ten on Tuesday post.

1. I have a couple new giveaways in the works, so stay tuned in the next couple weeks!!

2. When I mentioned that we were going out of town for Mother's Day, why did no one remind me that I actually don't like traveling??  And, traveling with a 1 year old is less than ideal, for sure.

3. Just this morning I was thinking about how nice it will be to have a week empty of activities.  That's all it took for the lightning-bolt of Murphey's Law #7241 to strike.  Now my calendar is brimming with stuff

4. Why yes, I am sitting here with a glass of wine. one needs to know it's my third.  Yeah, it's been that kind of day/week/month.

5. My sister is getting MARRIED this summer.  My baby sister.  The one solely responsible for making sure all of my Barbies and dollies sported mullets and pixie cuts.  The one that started out as the bane of my existence and turned into my very best friend.  I am SO happy for her.  Well, I'd be a tad happier if I didn't have to be in the wedding.  Of course, I'm absolutely willing to do it, but anyone who knows me also knows that I'm a "stand in the back and watch" kind of person, as opposed to "stand in the very front, where every single person is staring" kind of person.  Lucky for me, she'll be a gorgeous bride so I won't really be noticed.  ;-)

6. I have been hoping and praying and pinching pennies until they squirmed and I finally saved up enough to take the photography class I've been secretly dreaming about.  Then, the hard part came - actually getting a spot in the class.  It's a popular place to be, but I found out when the registration opened and set my alarm to ring 5 minutes before, so I could be poised at the keyboard, ready to go when the site was open.  AND, I'm proud to announce - I AM IN!  Woohoo!

7. I'm going to start working this weekend on our yard.  I never realized how much harder it is to start from scratch, than to just pick up where the previous occupants left off.  I need flowers.  Need flowers.  But...I have these thumbs...they're mostly brown (rather than the green thumbs I probably need).  Wish me luck, I probably need it.

8. And I need to create some sort of dog run in the yard.  I LOVE our dogs, but I need to be able to give them and my daughter a separate space to play in so I don't have to hover quite so much. 

9. I have to drive 3 hours on Sunday, but I get to go dress shopping and have a fantastic lunch in the city with my sister.  Fun fun fun!

10. This crazy, geeky part of me wants to get an iPhone.  This may be a symptom of me losing my mind, as it would require me to change cell-companies and I live in an area where it might not even work.  Yet, I still want one.  Yep, crazy.  Hopefully, by the time my current contract is up, they will have done a SUPER-improvement in their coverage area.  Super.  Super-duper.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Hippity Hoppity...Freebie!

Mye, of Bubblescrap Designs, and the other crafty ladies at Scrapbook-bytes have put their heads together to create this gorgeous kit, "Advent of Summer".  

For a very limited time, they're offering it as in a Facebook Hop!
Here is a preview of her portion:
Visit the Bubblescrap Designs Facebook Page to get the coupon, the product link and your next stop!

Below are the list of Participating Designers:
Designs by Helly
Bubblescrap Designs – visit now!
Nathalie (eNKay Design)
Teresa (teresabelle designs)
JennCk Designs
Late Night Scraps
Creations by Rachael
Serena Thomas
Charlize Creations
Erin’s Dreams

It just started, so if the next stop on the "Facebook Hop" hasn't gotten their info linked up, be sure to check back. 

Enjoy the freebie!

iNSD Sale at My Life and Scrap!


First of all, I have to apologize for the delay in announcing the winners to my two giveaways.  My lovely daughter shared a really nasty virus with both her daddy and I this week and the most anyone has done around this house is groan.  We're finally on the mend, so I'm back to announce the winners.

**As a side note, perhaps we shouldn't have taught her to "share" quite so well...

First up, not one but TWO winners for Misty O'Brien Designs:

****drumroll please****
Jennifer of The Crafty Insomniac - please take the stage and claim your prize!
Her comment was: "My favorites are Everyday Happenings and Flirtacious!"

Now, for the second winner....

****drumroll please****
Jaclyn of Confessions of a Digiholic - please join Jennifer on the stage and claim your prize!
Her comment was: "I think I'd like to see what she'd come up with for a baby kit!"

Ladies, please email me at: sbriesh at gmail dot com and I will get your coupon code to you. 

Thanks so much for playing and check back soon for more fun giveaways and prizes!


Now on to our second amazing giveaway for Ambrey's Accessories!

****drumroll please****

It's Brandi - the witty mama behind These Are The Moments - come on up!
Her comment was: "Okay, I am such a sucker for the big flowers and I adore Gerber daisies so I loved alllll of those. It's really hard to narrow it down to just one but I think I'd have to go with the "hot cherry" gerber daisy. So cute!"

Brandi - send me an email at sbriesh at gmail dot com so I can get your prize to you. 

Again, thanks to all the participants and check back soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Face it, sometimes life is just hard.  There's no denying it, no getting around it, it is what it is.  On top of everything else, we often end up being pulled in so many directions, it gets really tricky to navigate.

Along this line of thinking, Amanda Taylor (of TaylorMade Designs) has issued this weeks Digi Dare.  We were asked to create a layout that shows what makes us who we are.  We had to piece together the different parts of our lives that make us US.  For the full directions, and to see her AMAZING layout, check out the Digi Dare page here.

Here is my contribution:

The Digi Dare deadline is tonight, so don't delay!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grand Opening!!

Michelle, the creative genius behind  Scrappy Towne is having a GRAND OPENING at Secret City Treasures!  In addition she's also having a 40% off sale!  Her kits are fantastic, so don't delay!

Ambrey's Accessories - Review and Giveaway!

Hello there!  I'm back again with another fantastic review and giveaway!

First of all, let me introduce you to my plight.  My daughter has beautiful hair.  Beautiful, curly, thick hair.  Beautiful, always-in-her-eyes, sticking-out-everywhere hair.  Finding good quality hair accessories at affordable prices has become somewhat of a quest for me.  

On any given day, you can find my daughter looking like this:

Or, frightningly enough, like this:

Now do you see why hair accessories are so important to me?

Now comes Rachel, the talented mommy behind Ambrey's Accessories.  In an attempt to outfit her daughter with a vast array of hair accessories that weren't limited by either a headband OR clip, she developed her own system for making them interchangeable.  I know, you're probably thinking "it's just a hair-bow".  And you are so very mistaken.  This is so much more than a hair-bow.

Let me introduce you to the cast of characters:
One Ribbon-Covered Clip
One Lace Headband

One Lavender Daisy with Rhinestone Center

One Pink Bow with Rhinestone and Flower Center

 Pretty cute, right?  Now, go back and look at that headband and clip again (don't worry, I'll wait).  Do you see the tiny silver embellishment?  Any guesses what that is?  You're right, poppets, it's a SNAP!  Those tiny snaps correspond to these tiny snaps:


 Have you made the connection?  YES!  Each item (flower, bow, etc) is detachable!  Can you just see the doors opening in the world of accessorizing??  You are no longer limited to wearing only what comes with the clip or headband.  With Ambrey's Accessories, you can mix and match your favorite accessories with the wearing method of your choice.  And, I'll let you in on a little secret...they work great for mommies too!
 In addition, each delicate snap is not glued but sewn on, for added durability.

Are you impressed?  I know I am.  And, guess what?  Rachel has offered to give one lucky reader a Basic Starter Pack from Ambrey's Accessories.  This includes one headband and two accessories of their choice.  

To be entered in the drawing, please leave your comments and in one week, I will draw a lucky winner. 

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Ambrey's Accessories website and tell me what your favorite item is.

Extra Entries:
After completion of the mandatory entry, you are eligible for any of these additional entries.  Remember to leave a separate comment for each additional entry!  Also note, I will double-check all winners, so don't try to be sneaky.  ;-)

* Publicly follow my blog, Taylored Elements.
* Become a Facebook fan of Ambrey's Accessories. 
* Heart Ambrey's Accessories Etsy store.
 * Add Ambrey's Accessories Etsy store to your favorite stores.
* Blog about this giveaway.  Be sure to link back to my site and leave the URL where you blogged in your comment (good for 2 entries, leave a separate comment for each).
* Post about this giveaway on Facebook.
* List one theme you'd love to see in Ambrey's Accessories store someday.

Good Luck!!

I'll leave you with a few photos.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Misty O'Brien Designs Giveaway!

From the creative genius behind Mardi Party and it's coordinating glitter...

...and Tweet! Tweet! with it's gorgeous add-on...

...comes an incredible opportunity.

Misty O'Brien has generously donated not one, but TWO gift certificates to her store so that you can add her creations to your very own collection.  

To be entered in the drawing, please leave your comments and in one week, I will draw two lucky winners. 

Mandatory Entry:
Visit each of the Misty O'Brien Designs' stores, Gingerscraps and Funky Playground Designs, and tell me what your top two favorite products are (one from each store). 

Extra Entries:
After completion of the mandatory entry, you are eligible for any of these additional entries.  Remember to leave a separate comment for each additional entry!  Also note, I will double-check all winners, so don't try to be sneaky.  ;-)

* Publicly follow my blog, Taylored Elements.
* Become a Facebook fan of Misty O'Brien Designs. 
* Follow Misty O'Brien Designs on Twitter.
 * Publicly follow the Misty O'Brien Designs Blog.
* Grab a Misty O'Brien Designs Blinkie and post it to your own blog - link us back in your comment.
* Blog about this giveaway.  Be sure to link back to my site and leave the URL where you blogged in your comment (good for 2 entries, leave a separate comment for each).
* Post about this giveaway on Facebook.
* List one theme you'd love to see in Misty O'Brien Designs' store someday.

Good Luck!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Focus

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