Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I'm following along with one of my favorite bloggers, Erin Cobb with a Ten on Tuesday post.

1. I have a couple new giveaways in the works, so stay tuned in the next couple weeks!!

2. When I mentioned that we were going out of town for Mother's Day, why did no one remind me that I actually don't like traveling??  And, traveling with a 1 year old is less than ideal, for sure.

3. Just this morning I was thinking about how nice it will be to have a week empty of activities.  That's all it took for the lightning-bolt of Murphey's Law #7241 to strike.  Now my calendar is brimming with stuff every.single.day.

4. Why yes, I am sitting here with a glass of wine.  Shhhh...no one needs to know it's my third.  Yeah, it's been that kind of day/week/month.

5. My sister is getting MARRIED this summer.  My baby sister.  The one solely responsible for making sure all of my Barbies and dollies sported mullets and pixie cuts.  The one that started out as the bane of my existence and turned into my very best friend.  I am SO happy for her.  Well, I'd be a tad happier if I didn't have to be in the wedding.  Of course, I'm absolutely willing to do it, but anyone who knows me also knows that I'm a "stand in the back and watch" kind of person, as opposed to "stand in the very front, where every single person is staring" kind of person.  Lucky for me, she'll be a gorgeous bride so I won't really be noticed.  ;-)

6. I have been hoping and praying and pinching pennies until they squirmed and I finally saved up enough to take the photography class I've been secretly dreaming about.  Then, the hard part came - actually getting a spot in the class.  It's a popular place to be, but I found out when the registration opened and set my alarm to ring 5 minutes before, so I could be poised at the keyboard, ready to go when the site was open.  AND, I'm proud to announce - I AM IN!  Woohoo!

7. I'm going to start working this weekend on our yard.  I never realized how much harder it is to start from scratch, than to just pick up where the previous occupants left off.  I need flowers.  Need flowers.  But...I have these thumbs...they're mostly brown (rather than the green thumbs I probably need).  Wish me luck, I probably need it.

8. And I need to create some sort of dog run in the yard.  I LOVE our dogs, but I need to be able to give them and my daughter a separate space to play in so I don't have to hover quite so much. 

9. I have to drive 3 hours on Sunday, but I get to go dress shopping and have a fantastic lunch in the city with my sister.  Fun fun fun!

10. This crazy, geeky part of me wants to get an iPhone.  This may be a symptom of me losing my mind, as it would require me to change cell-companies and I live in an area where it might not even work.  Yet, I still want one.  Yep, crazy.  Hopefully, by the time my current contract is up, they will have done a SUPER-improvement in their coverage area.  Super.  Super-duper.


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