Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Digital Scrapping Day!

I don't know about you, but I've been scrapping my tail off. Okay, not so much my tail, but maybe my fingertips. Much to my husband's dismay since he's been the lone ranger with our 11 month old daughter. :) On a lighter note, she learned the word "da-da" this weekend, so he doesn't mind quite as much. I haven't let him in on the fact that it was probably going to be her first word anyway, and she really doesn't have a clue to it's meaning. Let him have his moment. he he

Would you care to see some of the pages I've been working so hard on? Here you go:

Not my peanut, but he's cute nonetheless. This is my friend's little guy, can't you just see the mischievousness in him?

My adorable nephew feeding my daughter when she was teeny tiny. He was so excited to be able to do it All By Himself.

Here is my entry for Jennifer's "Artsy" Speed Scrap last night at My Life and Scrap. It was great fun to "get outside the box" for a bit.

This one is my favorite of the pages I created this weekend. When my little peanut was small, listening to her daddy play music on his guitar was our "magic trick" to soothing her. Of course, being a music lover himself, he obliged her quite often. Now that she's a little older, she knows great things are going to happen when he pulls out his guitar.

Well, Ladies and Gents, that's it for now. All of the images above are linked to my gallery at My Life and Scrap. I'd love to hear your thoughts, either here or over there. Thanks!

I'll be back later this week to tell you all about the great things happening this week at My Life and Scrap!


  1. Great LO's... loved each one of them... Thought that was cute Da Da... yup give the guy his Moment in the spotlight.

  2. you've done beautiful layouts, Stef! I missed the speed scrap but i think all you did wonderful LOs!

  3. Wow, beautiful work you are showcasing again! :) I love seeing your LOs!

  4. Beautiful do a wonderful job!