Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Border Up!

Misty O'Brien has released a gorgeous set of borders over at Ginger Scraps.  You know you want them.  :)

Want the official description?  Here you go: 
"8 commercial use .png border templates. Each template is 12" in length and in 300dpi. Customize them for your kits and layouts by clipping solid or patterned papers and adding elements. Credit required.

*glitter and paper in preview are not included and are for preview only. Love the papers though? They are available in a soon to be released kit! Stay tuned

Check this, and her other great products, out at her Ginger Scraps Store HERE, and don't forget to bookmark her BLOG.  You just never know when she'll have something fabulous.  You don't want to miss out!

If Misty's Facebook Fan Page reaches 300, everyone gets a FREE KIT!  Head over and become a fan.  Tell your friends!


  1. Hey, Stephanie!
    I just saw your comment on my post at the cloth diaper blog. I'll probably agree with you when my daughter gets old enough to undo her diapers. I have two HH snapping diapers on the way and I'm SUPER excited because I really prefer snaps to velcro. But since my hubby likes velcro and sitters usually are scared by snaps, we keep the velcro ones around. And... I bulked up my stash with a bunch of velcro before I changed my mind about which closure I prefer so I'm sort of stuck with them anyway :-D

  2. I use a wipe solution--it's called HOney Cubes and I don't even remember where I bought it! I just stick one of the cubes in the bottle, add hot water, and I have a nice, herbal solution to use on my baby! But I've heard that some people use the J&J baby wash, and other things.